A lighter, brighter, healthier you.

Laura Fourie is a Health Coach with a passion for all things Blood Sugar related!

Whether you are looking to manage your weight, to lose fat or to control your cravings, to get your habits under control, to action your fitness goals or focus on your Diabetes management, Laura is here to help you through the process.

Laura is your coach, your guide, your accountability partner, your supporter, your shoulder to cry on when things get tough. She is here for YOU!

She brings with her a wealth of experience in change work and habit transformation owing to not only her own personal challenges and achievements, but also to her background in Occupational Therapy, Hospitality, Outdoor Recreation and Education, Competitive Sporting and Health Coaching!

Don’t wait a minute longer, get in touch with Laura here to discuss how you and her can work together to achieve your goals.

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Laura Fourie Coach

My Story

I would like to share my story with you, it is one that I am so profoundly grateful for in my life right now.

While I may not be perfect, I am now free of cravings, have totally changed my lifestyle and eating habits and I feel happier in my own skin.

But I wasn’t always like this.




It is my mission now to provide you with this service. To use my own experiences, to guide you through my fail-safe process, to support you and hold that future version of yourself that we create together, at the forefront of all our coaching and to be there by your side as we take the small steps in the right direction to achieve your goals and to become a ‘lighter, brighter, healthier you’.

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A coach, a mentor, or a helping hand can help achieve your goals to become a ‘lighter, brighter, healthier you’.

You really helped me a lot! You have helped me to increase my water intake, got me doing my own exercise and I even stop eating now when I am… Read more “F.A.”


I love it when what you say clicks in my head. It cuts through all my brain fog, and helps me with my energy levels, focus and… Read more “T.S.”


It is always so lovely coming to see you. I learn something new about my eating every session. Thank… Read more “Christina”


It was such an eye-opener being coached by you, thank you so much! Your drawings and explanations of what has been going on for me, really helped me to understand why I needed to stick to my medication. My issues have affected my relationship with my son, and I can now see that our fights… Read more “Jane”


It’s good to have a catch up and get back on track as I don’t have anyone else to discuss my health concerns with. Thank you for being there for… Read more “I.H.”


Seeing you really helps motivate and inspire me, feels like I have someone to talk to, to keep me on the right path. It keeps me on track when I have to be accountable to… Read more “M.B.”


Since my husband passed away in Sept last year, eating was my comfort zone. Since seeing you, I am so grateful because I see that I was going in the wrong direction. I am so happy now monitoring my cholesterol, helps me feel relief that I would still be around to see my 5 children… Read more “Anna”


These sessions have opened my eyes. It is everything that I know, but when I hear them from you, it puts everything into… Read more “Jennifer”


You really put things into perspective for me. It always feels good to come and see… Read more “Thushani”


My HbA1c was sitting at 107 when I first started coaching with you. In 3 months, I have been able to bring this down to 70, and it feels bloody good and a big relief as well! The small changes really do make a massive difference. You have opened my eyes in terms of my… Read more “Korey”


Coaching with you was so helpful! I would have been having more fat, salt and sugar in my day if I hadn’t met with… Read more “S.H.”


Health Coaching is a bonus for people like us who have underlying cultural/ mental concerns. It is hard for us to get over these things, but when you see/ hear something, then it empowers you to make it visible instead of hiding it, to understand it… Read more “D.P.”


Thank-you so much, it’s been incredible! I have learnt so much about my breathing, I thought it was normal to breathe like I have been! A 10/10 for helpfulness, thank… Read more “Jason”


You really put things into perspective for me. It always feels good to come and see… Read more “M.C.”

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