I don’t have time for this

man with no time

How many times have you heard yourself mutter these few words in succession? Maybe they were muffled, stifled under your breath, or in a raised voice, crying out loud red-faced in frustration.

Either way, we put it out there. We put it out there that we just simply do not have time. And so, it is. We will never have time to do what we need to do, or what we want to do, or what we think we should do. Let alone what others want or need us to do.

In fact, we will probably do what they want first before our own list, because that is what we do, that is the kind of person we are. Always putting others first.

Now, while that may be an admirable quality, it really does not place a high value on ourselves. And if we do not place a high enough value on ourselves, there sure isn’t anyone else who is going to do it for us.

So, this is cause for a pause.

When we think, or say, or feel, or do something, we make it real. We create that reality for ourselves. ‘I’m not good enough’, generally makes you feel pretty bad; ‘I’ll never be healthy’, doesn’t actively encourage you to take steps to be healthy; and ‘I don’t have enough time’ gets proven every time you say it, because why would you lie to yourself?

What we say is truth, right? Well, in one aspect, sure let us say it is truth. But what about the other aspect, the self-fulfilling one. The one where we seem to prove ourselves right, where we seek evidence for what we say and in small, subtle ways we seem to sabotage our efforts and our happiness and our sense of peace…

So, by saying we do not have time, on some level, we may actually keep ourselves busy with the small, non-important things, or we may justify that a binge of the latest series was in order as a reward and 7 hours of our week just disappeared, or we sleep in every morning, or we procrastinate, or we do something else.

And if we were to become aware of this, and each time think back to where wasted our time with frivolity before we mutter those fateful six words, then maybe, just maybe when we change the things that we do, we will find that we actually do have enough time for everything that is important and urgent for us.