Resistance to change

Resisting Change

Change is there for a reason.

It is there to help us heal, or to teach us something about ourselves, or about others. It is there to highlight problems or concerns, to keep us safe and informed, to keep us happy.

You see, when change comes our way, it is not always as bad as what we make it out to be. We may think it is at the time, but there is always something positive to gain from it, we just have to be aware enough, to be open enough to have that conversation with ourselves about it.

It does not matter how small and seemingly insignificant change is, or how devastatingly large and life-altering it is, there is still room for something to be learnt or gained from it, if we try.

Our brain is designed to resist change, it wants to keep us safe. And for it to keep us safe, it has created our ability to form habits. Habits that we programme into ourselves to make things easier for our us, to make our brain more efficient at what it does, for the smoother operation if the machine, you see.

So, when something happens that impacts on our habits or our daily routine, or how we think and feel every day, whether it is that the weather turned on us, or there is unexpected traffic, or our boss was angry, or our relationship ended, or we are told we have a medical condition, it challenges our status quo.

We respond with panic, or anger, or sadness, or frustration, sheer disbelief, denial, aggression, or with pensive silence… the emotions could go on…

And so, we resist it. We resist the testing of our boundaries, of our comfort zones, of life as we knew it and we do whatever we can to keep everything the same. That way our brain can relax, we can relax. We can carry on like nothing is wrong, no change, and we can sweep everything under the rug and act like it does not exist.

However, when we resist change, we block our flow. We put barriers up for growth, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and expand, and worst of all, we stay exactly the same where we are and always have been.

But trust me when I say, that if you sweep enough things under that rug, you are very certainly one day going to trip up on it. And when you do fall, and you most likely will, you will land so much harder than you would have if you had just gracefully adapted to the change as it presented itself…

Perhaps it is time to reframe that word ‘Change’ and see it as an opportunity to challenge your old thoughts, your habits, your beliefs.

An opportunity to test your comfort zones and push your coping mechanisms and to try find the positive in absolutely everything that happens for you. And if you can do that, you are sure to grow and nurture yourself into that better version of you that exists out there.

And wouldn’t that be wonderful?