The Butterfly Effect


When I set out to write this blog post, I had planned to write about the significance of my choice of a butterfly image on my webpage.

I realised that perhaps everyone had different ideas as to the significance of butterflies in their life, and well, in the world as a whole, and that perhaps not everyone placed the same amount of significance on butterflies as I did.

Butterflies have so many connotations in my experience.

They instill a sense wonder and awe in the beauty of their creation; they flit from one flower to another and seem to bring a sense of joy to our world; young children seem compelled to try and catch them; we grow swan plants to attract them and yet very few of us understand exactly the process that they have to go through to eventuate as the soul-fulfilling creation that they are.

It was in March 2020 when we were experiencing our first Covid-19 lock down in New Zealand, that I first started to bring the Butterfly into my coaching conversations.

It was like we were being forced by some external entity to all slow down, to take stock of our lives, to spend more time with our families, to step off the busy-ness treadmill and out of the rat race, to bake our own bread and make our own food, to sleep more, to take a deep breath in and to find within ourselves the ability to rest, reset and recalibrate, to work out what was really important in our lives and to start the process to achieving our dreams.

The longer that the lock down endured, the more we were given the opportunity to step outside of our immediate lives and to look back at ourselves, and our choices, our decisions, what we used to think was important, what we now realised was actually important and we were offered the chance to almost cocoon or chrysalis ourselves over this period.

For those of us who did, it was as if we were the caterpillar stepping into this cocoon of lock down where we were sheltered from all that was and became focused on all that was to be. We were given the opportunity to become introspective and thoughtful, as if all the stressors of the waking world were put on hold while we reassessed their value in our lives.

It was almost as if, just like the caterpillar ‘melts’ down to reform as the butterfly, that we were forced to step into the muck that we had avoided for so long and to spend time in the discomfort of our inner work. And if we were able to do this, just one small step at a time, we would soon have been ready to have emerged like the butterfly from its cocoon ready to take on a whole new look at life.

And that would not have meant that life would have been plain sailing, no. There would still be challenges, still programming to overcome, history to rewrite, habits to become aware of, new guidance to follow and new eyes to look out of. But only when we were ready to do so.

I always say that lifestyle changes are like taking small steps each day in the right direction towards a common goal.

The ‘Butterfly Effect’ simply demonstrates this through stating that small, seemingly insignificant actions can lead to largely significant ones over time. A lot too, like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, where the hare raced off and was so forthcoming in his personality that he thought it safe to take a break, thereby allowing the tortoise who was consistently taking one step at a time in the right direction of the goal that he had set for himself to go on and win the race.

Lifestyle changes and the work that I do with you, is all about the butterfly effect and taking one small step at a time.

It is about acknowledging that this is a long-game journey, that it is achievable and that with the right support at the right time, with the right motivation and the right formula that you will see success beyond your dreams, and that you can live the lighter, brighter, happier and healthier life that you really deserve!