Laura Fourie Private Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions

At my lowest time in my life, when I was going through what could only be called a ‘mid-life crises’, I had no-one that could guide me or help me through my challenges.

I felt lost and bewildered with absolutely no idea on which path to take with my life!

I remember coming back from a long walk one evening, having decided that I was obviously ‘meant’ to be stuck in my life, that my life was never ‘meant’ to amount to anything, that I was not here to do anything special or unique in my life, that I was ‘meant’ to live a boring mundane existence from here on out; just get up in the morning, go to work, eat, go to sleep, then press rewind, play and repeat.

That night, I opened up another bottle of wine, and drank it all while sobbing the hours away on my lounge floor. I was inconsolable, destroyed  by my own thoughts and frustrations, feeling betrayed my life’s ‘cruel hand’, like I was wading through thick mud up to my eyeballs in the dark of night.

It was because of that moment, and my journey to healing and improved health, that I am here today. I am here to serve you, to guide and support you through your own discovery, to encourage and motivate you and to be that helping hand that I did not have.

My private coaching sessions are specifically designed with YOU in mind, to match your unique needs, and to fit within an investment that is realistic and affordable to you.

How do I help?

My private coaching can help in all areas of your Health & Well-being:

  • Goal-setting
  • Managing your Blood Sugars, Cholesterol and/ or Gout concerns
  • All areas of Health (sleep, eating, stress, hydration, relaxation, exercise)
  • Changing to a Vegetarian/ Vegan diet
  • Going Gluten/ Dairy-free
  • Managing your Weight to gain the body you have always dreamed of
  • Unblocking your Financial Flow
  • Finding your Life Purpose
  • Releasing your Barriers in your Career
  • Improving your Love Relationships
  • Alcohol and Smoking reduction or cessation
  • Decluttering your Life and Environment
  • Strengthening your Connection with 'That Which is Greater than You’

Discovery Call


  • This is a no-obligation, no-strings attached session, a ‘try-before-you-buy-option’ if you like, to help you uncover what you most need from coaching right now
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom at a time booked by you
  • I explain more about what I offer as part of my Coaching services, and use this session to identify where your current challenges are, where/ who you would like to be one day in the near future and what it is that we can do to get you there
  • It is also a great opportunity for you to see if I would be a good fit for you and you for me
  • Click the ‘link’ below to book your Discovery Call now!

** Please do take into consideration that as this is a FREE session, I really appreciate that you respect my time and my gift to you and ensure that you do attend the call at the booked time.

Thank you.


Tag-and-Go Session


  • A one-off Coaching session with you in mind
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom, 1 x coaching call at a time booked by you
  • The ‘Tag-and-Go’ session is super-useful if you have a question or two that you need guidance with, or have one thing that you want to understand and don’t require a longer-term coaching package

Kickstart Your Health


  • A 4-week Coaching Programme
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom, 1 x coaching call per week at a time booked by you
  • A quick fix for targeting one or two smaller goals
  • When looking for motivation or direction in an aspect of your life
  • Helping you to move out of the feeling ‘stuck’ place
  • Tailormade to match your unique needs
  • Useful as a top-up on a longer coaching programme, for that extra bit of accountability or if seeking guidance with your blood sugar management, cholesterol, stress, diet etc

Get Back on Track


  • A 6-week Coaching Programme
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom, 1 x coaching call per week at a time booked by you
  • The next step up from the 4-week package
  • Follow a compact, effective, proven method to reach your goals
  • An opportunity to target more than one goal/ step to get back on track, or if you just need a bit more time for your process
  • Useful when needing direction, a guiding hand and/ or support with an area of your life that all else has failed in

Take Control of Your Health


  • An 8-week Coaching Programme
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom, 1 x coaching call per week at a time booked by you
  • Get ahead of your game, learn the rules to taking control of your health
  • Lay firm foundations with a concrete understanding of what health looks and feels like for you
  • Become the change you need to see in your life in just 60 days.

Ultimate Transformation


  • A 10-week Coaching Programme
  • Just you and me, online through Zoom, 1 x coaching call per week at a time booked by you
  • Not only do you learn about what health looks like for you, identify your challenges and solutions, but you also have the gift of time to implement and practice your changes implementing a strategic, step-by-step approach
  • A sustained, straight-forward effective process to remolding the current ‘you’ into a lighter, brighter, healthier, and happier future version of you!

Group Coaching

Investment: from $246.50

  • 2-3 people: $246.50
  • 4-8 people: $497
  • 9-12 people: $537

Private Coaching Packages for you!

Where to from here?

Follow the step-by-step process below to confirm your private coaching session, or if you are still unsure as to how I can help you, you are most welcome to book a FREE ‘Discovery Call’ with me.

In this call, we will uncover what you most need right now and it allows me the opportunity to get the broader perspective on how best I can serve your goals with private coaching.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Booking  your private coaching session with Laura

If you are booking a private coaching package above that contains multiple sessions, we will book a time with you for the remaining sessions.

Please only book one session at a time. And if you need to look into a payment plan, please be in touch with me directly, I am happy to help you work with you on this prior to you booking a session.